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Patient Portal Access

Patient Portal

Patient Portal Information

We at Wheatfield Pediatrics understand that coming into a busy practice can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially when your visit may have resulted in large quantities of information. 

Possible further testing? Specialist referrals? Something about scheduling an x-ray or getting lab work done?  Exercises that need to be done how many times a day? So much information can be given that it is often difficult to recall all that was discussed.

In order to help with this common problem, we would like to invite to you set up a direct link to your medical records and to your doctor, his or her nurse, and billing personnel at our practice.

It's easy to sign up!  Just speak to one our receptionists about gaining access to your child's portal and they will he happy to give you an activation code.  Then just connect to our website at and click on the "Patient Portal" icon at the top right hand of the screen, scroll down to New User Registration and select Activate Patient Portal Account. Complete the information page and within minutes you will have direct access to your child's chart!  

Please keep in mind that each child will need to have their own separate patient portal account.   All user accounts can use the same password to gain access.  A suggestion to set up user names, which makes them easier to remember, is to use the child's first name, last initial and last 2 digits of their birth year.  So, in other words,  if the name is John Doe and his birth year is 2010 your user name would look like  johnd10

Are you still unsure about our patient portal? Let us explain a few things you can do via the Patient Portal:

  • Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night or on the weekend and remember that you needed to make an appointment? Log on to our patient portal and request an appointment! One of our friendly schedulers will receive the message and get back with you - no long hold times waiting on a scheduler to answer the phone! 
  • Did your child's provider discuss a concern with you and you came up with a few more questions over the weekend? Log on to our patient portal and send your provider your question(s). The provider or his/her assistant will get back with you via the portal. You don’t have to worry about your questions being recorded wrong when you call, and you don’t have to wait until the end of the provider’s clinic (at the end of the day) for a call back. They check these messages and reply to them all day!
  • Did you forget to ask for a refill of your medications? You may request a refill on the patient portal! Again, you don’t have to leave a message on a voicemail and wait. Your portal message goes straight to the provider and they or their nurse will send it to your pharmacy or contact you if it is needed to be picked up at our office.
  • Did you forget that you needed a physical form for school?  Create a message requesting one through the patient portal and we will push it to the portal and you can print it out at home or work! Immunization records are already there and can be printed at any hour of the day or night....
  • Would you like to see if you have an account balance due? You can also easily check the status of your bills and payments and ask questions just by logging on!
  • Have you forgotten when your next appointment is? Log into the patient portal! Your next appointment is always posted on the appointment screen of your portal as well as all of the past office appointments.

Other things that can be done on the portal include:

  1. Review Health History. 
  2. Update your patient demographics, including your insurance information.

At this time any of your test results (Lab, Xray, MRI, CT) do not show on the patient portal. This decision was made because our doctors like to go over test results personally with you during your next visit. This allows them to discuss treatment options with you face to face as they feel it will better explain your child's condition as well as address any of your questions and concerns .