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What's NEW!

What's New!!

We have recently hired a Full-time Licensed Mental Health Counselor to join our primary care health team in order to improve timeliness, quality and efficiency of care associated with the behavioral health needs of our patient population.  Keith Klostermann, PhD, LMHC will be starting in our office on September 11, 2017.  Keith brings a wealth of experience and resources with him.  We are looking forward to working with him in an effort to reduce barriers to access for your behavioral health needs.

We have 3 new providers joining the Wheatfield Pediatrics family.  You may already know Lindsay Gliss, C-PNP from Kidz Xpress who started here in April, Dr. Michelle Myers will be starting in May on a part-time basis and Dominique Guerra, PNP  who will be starting on July 3, 2017 in a full-time capacity.  We welcome these fabulous ladies to the practice!  


Wheatfield Pediatrics Receives Funding from the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust Funds for Reach Out and Read in June 2014!

As part of an initiative funded in four states by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, Wheatfield Pediatrics has been awarded a three year grant to promote early literacy and school readiness for its youngest patients.  Reach Out and Read prepares children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together.
Mr. Kenan was a gifted scientist, executive, and generous philanthropist with business roots in Niagara County.  His foundation supports his deep and abiding commitment to education.  The Kenan Charitable Trust supports educational institutions and programs across the United States, with particular emphasis in New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida, and also supports organizations serving the basic needs of under-resourced children and their families in these regions. 
With the award of this grant, Wheatfield Pediatrics is proud to be the newest, and now largest, pediatric practice in Niagara County to incorporate early literacy promotion into their standard care of children and families.  During regular pediatric check-ups from infancy through pre-school years, Wheatfield Pediatrics’ doctors and physician assistants will now give new, developmentally-appropriate books to children, and advise parent’s about the importance of reading aloud.  As a result of this proven program, parents learn new ways to stimulate their children’s literacy development, have more books in the home, and read to their children more.  Parents are supported as their children’s first and most important teachers, and children grow up to be readers.  Wheatfield Pediatrics distributed 385 books during the month of June!

NCQA Recognition

In June 2016 Wheatfield Pediatrics again achieved Level 3 recognition (the highest level) for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

A Patient-Centered Medical Home is a team-based model of care led by a personal physician who provides continuous and coordinated care to maximize a patient's health outcomes.  Our PCMH practice is responsible for providing for all of a patient's healthcare needs, or appropriately arranging care, with other qualified professionals. It is a model of practice in which a team of health professionals, coordinated by a personal physician, works collaboratively to provide high levels of care, access and communication, care coordination and integration, as well as care quality and safety.

Our team of highly regarded Board-Certified pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are committed to providing exceptional health care for your children.   

The 2016 Patient Experience Survey Results Are In!!!

Wheatfield Pediatrics set out to improve its patient experience, particularly in the areas of health promotion and access.  During the month of June Wheatfield Pediatrics collected survey data from 235 patients asking about experiences with their child's primary care providers.  The survey was composed of 18 questions that fit in five categories:

    1.  Ease of getting care
    2.  Waiting
    3.  Provider/Staff
    4.  Facility
    5.  Confidentiality

Results of the survey reveal that primary care providers are communicating well with patients during visits, with 99% of patients reporting that their child's providers always explain things clearly, listen carefully and provide clear instructions.  But, the data also reveals that 9% of the 235 patients surveyed felt there could be improvement on waiting for tests to be performed.  100% of the patients surveyed were likely to refer their friends and family to us.

Looking ahead, Wheatfield Pediatrics will continue to work to build community support for the services we provide to our families.  These survey results help us know what we are doing well, as well as, help us identify those areas that need additional resources to provide quality healthcare to all those in need.

Your opinions do matter!!!

Thank you for helping us to provide you with the best possible patient care experience!

Wheatfield Pediatrics is your Patient-Centered Medical Home and is currently working toward NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) recognition.

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

  • A team approach to providing total health care at our office for your child

Who is part of your child’s Patient-Centered Medical Home team?


  • Your health care provider
  • All other staff at your health care provider’s office
  • Most-importantly-YOUR CHILD and YOUR FAMILY! You are all the most important people on your health care team. Patient-centered is a way of saying that your child and you  are the focus of the health care

What do you need to do as part of your child’s Patient-Centered Medical Home team?


  1. Keep your child’s medical home providers informed!
  2. Let your child’s health care provider know about care they receive from other health care professionals
  3. Call your child’s medical home first with questions,  appointment requests, before you go to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room

      Call our office during regular business hours at:  716-807-7337

      After hours and on weekends call us at: 1-888-277-4574

  • Let your medical home know if your child  has been in the hospital
  • Let your medical home know of any change in your child’s medications after a hospital stay or from another health care provider
  • Bring all your child’s medications with you to each visit at your child’s medical home
  • Take an active role in your child’s health
  • Follow the health care plan that you and your team agreed on for your child
  • Set goals that your child can reach. Once these goals have been reached discuss new goals
  • Tell your team if your child is  having trouble staying with their care plan or if it is not working for them

What can your child’s Patient-Centered Medical Home do for them?


  • Help them manage their health care
  • Help answer all your health questions regarding your child’s care
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Coordinate your child’s care if additional services are needed
  • Encourage you to play an active part in your child’s health care


Our Answering Service Company Has Changed Effective January 1, 2012.  The New Telephone Number To Reach Wheatfield Pediatrics After Hours is 888-277-4574.  Please Discard Any Old Answering Service Telephone Numbers You May Have.   

Automated Appointment Reminder Service

In an effort to provide the highest quality of service to our patients, Wheatfield Pediatrics will offer automated courtesy calls, through a system known as HouseCalls, to remind you of your next scheduled appointment and yearly physical recall notifications by telephone, text message or e-mail as of August 1, 2010.  

You will receive a call 2 days before your appointment to give you the day, date and time of your appointment.  You will also be able to either confirm or cancel your appointment by using your telephone keypad and pressing the following keys anytime during the message:

Press the 1 key to confirm your appointment

Press the 2 key to replay this message

Press the 3 key to cancel your appointment

If you are unavailable when the call is made and have voicemail or an answering machine, the system will leave you a brief message.  We will schedule you to receive your appointment reminder between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Please see a receptionist or call our office to complete a brief form choosing the method you would like to be reminded of your future appointments by either telephone, text message or e-mail.

Please note that Wheatfield Pediatrics will not be held responsible in the event your electronic message is not transmitted due to technical problems by your e-mail provider or other internet difficulties.  All personal identifying information is encrypted and your message will not be internally or externally forwarded to other third parties.